Data Capture

Utilise a data capture solution that works for you

FMAudit offers the most extensive data collection software tools available in the industry today. Information collected through our Data Capture Technologies goes into the central server and allows you to create reports, account management strategies, and set up supply and service alerts.

How can you capture customer data?

Assess and monitor information through one of our Data Capture Technologies. We provide a variety to accommodate your diverse client base: Onsite, FMAudit Viewer, WebAudit and Local Agent.


Network-installed data collection

Onsite is for clients who are open to installing data collection software on their network. It provides for continual data collection of meters, supplies, and service for networked devices.

Minimum Requirements

FMAudit Onsite must be run from a computer with Microsoft 2000/XP/2003 operating system. The Microsoft .NET Framework version 1.1 is required for Onsite v1.xx, and version 2.0 for Onsite v2.xx. Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) must be installed unless the computer has one of the following pre-installed: Microsoft Access or a version of Microsoft SQL.

FMAudit® Viewer

Quick, stand-alone assessments, no need to install software

FMAudit Viewer (a USB device) is used for quick, stand-alone assessments. Manual print assessments during the sales process can consume days and even weeks of effort. Now, the same information can be gathered in minutes with FMAudit Viewer. Simply insert the USB key into a PC on the client’s network and Viewer gathers information on all of the current networked devices.

How it Works

FMAudit Viewer USB is installed and licensed to a company-approved USB key. When plugged in to a recipient computer, this key will launch as a removable drive. The FMAudit Viewer software is run directly from this key.

Minimum Requirements

FMAudit Viewer USB must be run from a computer with Microsoft 2000/XP/2003 operating system. The Microsoft .NET Framework and other minimum requirements come embedded on the USB key, therefore they are not required to be installed onto the computer at any point.


Collect meters over the Internet

This patent-pending technology collects meter readings without installing software on the client’s network.

How it Works
  1. The client clicks on a link that opens their Web browser
  2. WebAudit discovers the devices on the client's network and creates a table of the meter readings
  3. The client transmits the data to you simply by clicking "Send"
  4. This data is sent to your Central Server and is synchronized with your billing system

Local Agent (patent pending)

PC-installed data collection

Local Agent allows you to capture meters from non-networked devices. This small software application is loaded onto PCs that have printers connected. This allows all of FMAudit’s data collection devices (WebAudit, Onsite and FMAudit Viewer) to capture meters from these local devices.

How it Works
  1. Install Local Agent on PCs with printers
  2. FMAudit takes meters from these devices just like any other network printer

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