Bi-Directional Communications

Share customer device data with your ERP & despatch system

Your data collection system should act as a partner to your ERP and service despatch systems. The challenge is that most data collection options only offer one-way communication. This can lead to endless hours spent manually reconciling exceptions when a client changes a printer IP address.

Our Approach

FMAudit’s approach to data synchronisation provides two-way communication with your accounting and dispatch systems. Not only do we send information to your ERP system, we also query your ERP system. This helps automate the reconciliation process.  

Bi-directional ERP systems data integration streamlines business processes and eliminates overhead related to meter billing, supply reorder processing, service deployment, purchasing, and MPS assessment and proposals.

.Net Framework

FMAudit runs on the latest platform from Microsoft .NET. This allows us to integrate seamlessly with other applications.

Identity-Mapping Technology

IMT data harmonisation ensures seamless integration with your ERP naming convention. This means that FMAudit can flex to communicate with your existing systems. FMAudit automatically maps accounts, contacts and devices to Equip ID (asset tag). Unlike other systems where you have to manually assign devices to an asset tag, FMAudit does this for you.

Installed beside your ERP

While some FMAudit® Enterprise systems are installed on a dedicated server, many dealers elect to install FMAudit on the same server as their ERP system. This helps facilitate seamless communication between your systems.

How it Works

  1. FMAudit pulls asset tag information from your ERP to match printers and MFPs with billing system info
  2. FMAudit pushes meter readings to your ERP system to generate billing

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